Gin Styles

Let's take a dive into gin styles. The first thing you need to know is that very few of these styles are regulated so there will be overlap between them. The second is that we think gin should have juniper as its main ingredient so Sloe Gin does not make the cut (its a liqueur made by mixing gin with Sloe berries and sugar). The third thing is that the world of gin is constantly changing, so don’t take this guide as gospel, just use it to help you navigate the world of gin!


New American

The newest and most exciting category of gin. Also called contemporary, new world, or new western. This style deemphasizes juniper and makes other botanicals the star. This is where you will find ingredients such as hibiscus, elder berry, rose petals and any other botanical you can think of. Whatever your favorite botanical, there is probably a gin that contains it. The possibilities are endless.

London Dry

The classic gin. London dry is the style that most people think about when they think gin. Juniper dominates the flavor profile and typically not as sweet as other gins. You will also pick up notes of citrus and coriander. Great for classic gin cocktails.

Old Tom Gin

An older style of gin that is seeing a resurgence. It sets itself apart by being sweeter than other gins. The sweetness can come from added sugar or the use of botanicals. Some are aged in oak barrels to give color and notes of vanilla on the palate.

Plymouth Gin

Only made by Plymouth Gin Distillery in Plymouth, England. That’s right they get their own style! Typically has higher root ingredients in their recipe. So expect a more earthy characteristic to the gin.


Also known as Holland or Dutch gin. Where other gins begin with a neutral spirit, Genever starts by a distilled malt spirit. This malted spirit is often mixed with a juniper-infused neutral spirit to create the final gin base. This means that Genever will have more grain flavors than a typical gin.

Navy Strength

57% ABV. That is only the requirement for a gin to be navy strength. So any style on this list can be considered navy strength if bottled at 57% abv. These gins are more intense in both flavor and heat!

The world of gin is constantly changing and we expect that more styles to pop up as craft distillers continue to experiment and innovate. Which is always great news because that just means more great gins to drink!

But enough talk, time for a cocktail because talking about gin is great but drinking gin is better! Check out this recipe and don’t be afraid to try it with some different styles of gin.


Cucumber Refresher

2 mini cucumbers
2oz Gin (any style you want)
3/4 oz simple syrup
3/4 oz lime juice

Cut up and blend cucumbers. Add all ingredients into shaker. Shake till chill. Double strain into coupe glass. Garnish with cucumber slice. Now this is going to be a bit hard to strain but trust us, the smooth texture that it creates is worth it!

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