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Toan and Company Distilling

Terrapin Spruce

Terrapin Spruce

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Drawing inspiration from California's coniferous forests, we started with a foundation of grain neutral spirits. Spruce tips, angelica roots, coriander, and bay leaves are artfully infused in our pot still, evoking the aromatic essence of a pine forest. Enjoy it neat or substitute it for gin in cocktails. Terrapin Spruce is crafted for those ready to venture beyond juniper and explore a realm beyond gin.

Recipe and Method

Fresh, sustainably harvested spruce tips comprise over 80% of this distinctive spirit, we enhance the blend with coriander, angelica root, and bay leaves to elevate the aromatic profile. The spruce tips undergo an overnight maceration in our pot still, and on distillation day, we introduce additional spruce tips into our botanical basket to extract the nuanced flavors of this fresh ingredient.

Tasting Notes

A forest in every sip! Starts sweet, shifts to piney citrus of spruce tips, and finishes with a hint of herbs from the bay leaves.

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