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Toan and Company Distilling

Terrapin Spruce

Terrapin Spruce

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Classification: Distilled Spirits Specialty

Main Conifer: Spruce Tips


Inspired by the coniferous forests of California. We began with a base of grain neutral spirits. Spruce tips, angelica roots, coriander and bay leaves are then infused in our pot still to invoke the aromas of a pine forest. Sip this neat or use it in place of gin in cocktails. This bottle was made for people who are ready to take a step beyond juniper and a step beyond gin.


Sustainably harvested spruce tips make up over 80 percent of this unique spirit. We add in coriander, angelica root and bay leaves to accent the aromas. The spruce tips are macerated in our pot still overnight and on the day of distillation we add more spruce tips into our botanical basket to draw out the nuances of the fresh ingredient.

Tasting Notes:

A forest in a bottle! Sweetness in the front that gives way to the piney citrus of the spruce tips and ends with the slight herbal, floral note from the bay leaves.

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