5 Popular Cocktails to Make With Gin Instead

There are some popular cocktails that you can find on every list, but that doesn’t mean you will always like the alcohol base they are made with. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons with fan favorites but want to stick with alcohol you know and love, you’re in luck–these five popular cocktails are great when you trade their usual spirit for gin instead!

Gin and Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer

Ginger beer and ginger ale are popular pairings for Irish whiskey and other drinks, but the classic Jameson and Ginger gets a big upgrade when you swap the whiskey for gin. Crisp, refreshing, and perfect for casual sipping, this cocktail combo is a must for gin enthusiasts.

Gin and Orange Juice

Screwdrivers are celebrated for their simple two-ingredient recipe and their consistent flavor. Although the classic screwdriver is made with vodka, you can absolutely upgrade this recipe to include gin instead. Since gin naturally blends well with most citrus juices, you may find you prefer this version!

Gin and Soda

A vodka soda is another classic cocktail that people default to, but trading vodka for gin here can offer a great twist. With this drink, you will combine gin, lime juice, and soda water for a fizzy cocktail that has a surprising amount of flavor.

Gin Mojito

The mojito is a refreshing cocktail that is popular at both holiday retreats and business meetings. Originally made with rum over 400 years ago, this minty beverage is a top performer all around the world—so why not try it with your favorite gin instead?

Gin Espresso Martini

Both relaxing and energizing, espresso martinis are a classy classic that many people enjoy. The traditional variety is made with vodka, but this is another space where gin can really shine. Just remember to have this one earlier in the night so you don’t lose any sleep!

You can substitute gin in more recipes than you might think, so don’t hesitate to make your own classics at home. To add even more variety, try swapping out gin for something that takes you a step beyond juniper and a step beyond gin–our Terrapin Spruce!

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